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Propel Uranium Black/VSM

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Introducing the concept of aero gains to sunglasses, the Propel is the result of CFD testing and modelling, delivering enhanced efficiencies through the air.


  • Biogrilamid frame
  • Complete UV protection
  • Clarity lens technology
  • Trailing edge on lens
  • Adjustable temples


The result of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) testing, the Propel sunglasses introduce the concept of aerodynamic gains to eyewear. Shaped to sit close to the face and to help push air away from the ears, the new sunglasses use a trailing edge on each side of the lens for the effective management of airflow over the shoulders.

The Propel sunglasses feature Clarity lenses to ensure vision is always at its sharpest, and are constructed with a biogrilamid frame. Three sizes of nose bridge are included, so it is easy to find a comfortable and secure fit on most face shapes. The temples are fully adjustable in both length and grip for absolute comfort.


Clarity by POC lens technology assists the eye with color wavelength control and contrast amplification, ensuring you can stay fully focused on the road ahead.

The wider lens gives an exceptional field of view, enhancing peripheral vision and the ability to see and react to dangers more quickly.


Testing and optimization using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) led us to add a distinct trailing edge to each side of the lens, helping direct air away from the ears to find a smoother, less disruptive and quicker path over the shoulders.


Both the length and grip of the temples are adjustable, making it easy to find a secure fit that you’ll never need to adjust while riding.


The sunglasses are designed for a seamless fit with POC road cycling helmets.


Exceptional field of view

A wide lens gives an exceptional field of view with no obstruction from the frame.

Biogrilamid frame

Lightweight, strong, durable and made from majority renewable sources.

Interchangeable nosepiece

Three nosepiece sizes are provided so each user can find a comfortable fit.

UV 400

Complete UVA and UVB protection.

Interchangeable lens

Easily swap lens to a different tint to always have the best vision in different light conditions.

Clarity lens

Lenses with Clarity technology for sharper vision are available.

Trailing Edge

A distinct trailing edge at each end of the lens directs air away from the ears and over the shoulders for improved aerodynamics.

Adjustable temples

Both the length and the grip of the temples are easy to change for a personalised fit.


Ri-Pel™ protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and makes the lenses easier to keep clean.

Anti-scratch treatment

Keeps the lenses fre from blemishes that affect vision.

Extra lens included

A clear lens is included with purchase.

Soft carrying pouch

A soft carrying pouch that can also be used as a cleaning cloth is included.