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Field Shorts Tan

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Our Field Shorts have won numerous awards and it's not a coincidence.  We built them with sustainability, functionality and multi-use in mind and continue to test them and make them better every season.  We believe in making great products that are built to last and the Field Shorts are the epitome of that mantra. We always say a pair of these will most likely outlast your current waist size. They are designed to be worn on or off the bike and be an everyday short for life whether you are actively pedaling or not. In the past year as part of our continual testing process we rode them across the entire United States, Cuba, Tasmania, Maine and a host of other places to make sure they do exactly what we say they do, and every time they passed with flying colors. They are rugged and durable for challenging conditions but maintain a luxury feel and classic style that makes them just as comfortable to wear no matter what the situation might be. We believe firmly this is the perfect short for active life.

All Field Shorts are cut from a waxed cotton from the premier supplier in the world and features a machine-washable Stay Wax that is both stain and water resistant and also plenty breathable.  All pocketing and interior binding was locally sourced in New York City as part of our Sustainable New York initiative. Each short has its own distinct camo pattern matching back to the body making them all true originals.  These shorts only get better with wear and take durability and comfort to a new level.

Fit and Care: Waist is true to size from 28-36" with a 9 inch inseam after wash.  They will break in with wear much like good denim will. We recommend washing before wear to soften the finish and begin the break-in process, but it is not necessary.  


Stain and water resistant. Ultra durable and meant to be worn on or off the bike as part of everyday life.


All shorts for 2018 come with locally sourced camo pocketing and binding as part of our Sustainable New York initiative.


The performance attributes of our Field Shorts are second to none with great hand feel and unparalleled durability and style.


The Field Shorts are built on two centuries of Manhattan's famed garment making expertise and we take pride in every piece we make. All are made in small runs in NYC sustainably, ethically, and meticulously. We wouldn't have it any other way.